Attributes Manager add Plugin Mode [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R16 
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Is it possible to add a new (custom) "plugin" mode to the attributes manager?
What I want to do is: store user defined values and set them to new objects whenever the user asks to.
Because of this, my plugin needs to be working the whole time, active or inactive. A dialog doesn't seem ideally for this (also because you can't store dialogs in a custom layout, as far as I know. If not, let me know!).

Then I thought about adding a second Attributes Manager to your layout, and making a custom mode for it, that searches for plugins, or something like that. And, when the user changes to his custom layout (with the plugin) a check if the plugin is still active, has to be done. If so, just display it in the second Attributes Manager, under the "Plugin" mode. If not, create another instance of the plugin and display it in the second Attributes Manager. Also, in this case, before you save your layout, you should lock the mode in the second Attributes Manager, right?

Is my concept of what I want to do right?
And how should I start with this?

Thanks in advance for your help and time!
Casimir Smets

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your plugin can be as simple as command data plugin.
read user define values from a file, loop over new objects and assign the data.

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What I have now is a commandData plugin working together with a dialog.
And I recently found out that dialogs don't have to be modal.

And what you say about reading the define values from a layout-file, should I do that inside my main.cpp file inside PluginMessage inside C4DPL_BUILDMENU?

Thanks for your help and time!
With kind regards,
Casimir Smets

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Hi Casimir,

yes, you can implement new modes for the Attribute Manager (it's unfortunately called Active Object Manager inside the SDK). See here: Active Object Manager

Regarding dialogs with custom layout: Sebastian will cover that in your other thread. In general it is possible.

Regarding your actual intention:
Actually I'm not sure I understood it correctly. So you may want to share some more details. But from what I interpreted, maybe another Attribute Manager mode is not really what you want.
Several other options come to my mind (especially when I hear you saying "my plugin needs to be working the whole time"), which might be more or less suited depending on your actual needs:
a) SceneHook plugin
b) MessageData plugin
c) your current dialog in conjunction with a timer

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Hi Andreas,

After doing some tests, I realized that a messageData plugin is exactly what I need!
Basically, I have some EditNumberFields which store and set data, on user interaction.

Also, I think there is a bug on this site itself: new posts not always showing they are new (1 New Post).
I was looking for the blue names on the right of the thread name, and that's why my answer came so late.

Thanks for your help and time!
With kind regards,
Casimir Smets