Multi-Threaded DLL (/MD) [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;


Is it possible to build as Multi-Threaded DLL (/MD) as opposed to the normal Multi-Threaded (/MT)?

The reason i ask is that i'm including an external lib and my project refuses to build in MS 2010 with MSVCPRT.lib LNK2005 error.  When i build as /MD it builds successfully but crashes C4D as soon as it hit's the first bit of code in my GVO function..

Ignoring MSVCPRT in the Linker throws a whole bunch of Unresolved External errors from the library i'm including..

So kinda stuck at this point, have tried a number of things up until now to get this to run 😕

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since R16 plugins are build with /MD by default.
And it is possible to change this for older SDK/Cinema versions as well. I just tried it here with one of my private plugins in R14. No problems after switching to /MD.
But you need to make sure, that all libraries you are using in your project are using the same settings. Maybe you need to change Compile/Link settings of other parts of your project.
Or, just thinking, the crash isn't related to this setting at all?

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Thanks for the confirmation that in theory it IS possible Andreas.

I'll investigate this a little further as i've been chopping and changing so many settings etc..  Will go back to basic plugin with no externals and attempt build with MD then go from there..