save PP layer [SOLVED]

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Hi everyone,

can anyone please tell me if it's possible to save 'projection paint layer' to specific location via Python? AFAIU I need to use c4d.modules.bodypaint.SendPainterCommand(command, doc, tex, bc) with pp layer as 'tex', but I have know idea how to get it (or what the other variables should be).

if there's a way to do that?


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could you please provide some more information on what exactly you want to do and what resources do you want to access?

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I'm trying to make a process of sending projection paint layer to Photoshop slightly faster. Most other software I used have 1 button for this, in C4d I have to 
0) freeze 3d view for larger resolution in most cases

  1. select PP layer
  2. press save selected texture as
  3. chose file format
  4. chose file destination
  5. manually switch to Photoshop and browse file from there
    it takes 20-40 sec and sometimes I spend more time on those buttons than on actual painting. And of course sending the projection back to C4D takes almost the same effort.

I couldn't find any mentions of Freeze 3d View in SDK, but maybe at least I can save this PP layer with Python

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it seems that the PP Layer can be accessed like any other BodyPaint texture using GetSelectedTexture(). Then you can use SendPainterCommand() and avoid any dialogs by setting the flags to zero. Something like this:

tex = c4d.modules.bodypaint.PaintTexture.GetSelectedTexture()  
if tex is not None:  
 bc = c4d.BaseContainer()  
  # define flags here  

This will update the existing texture file.

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This is perfect Sebastian, thank you!