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I believe the metadata is with .c4d scene file. Is there any documents I can look up to access the metadata? As for now, what I did is to write out a xml file as a temporary solution.

If there is accessible metadata it would be so much helpful. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hello and welcome,

I guess with metadata you mean the project infos like author, copyright and file version? You can access that information from the BaseDocument using GetDocumentData():

data =  doc.GetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT)  

See also this thread: "Extracting Metadata".

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Thank you for your information, I will try it out. Thanks!!

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I would like to set/get new settings to/from the document using BaseContainer, but I am not sure how to combine both DocumentData and BaseContainer. Below is the code I was trying to add the data from BaseContainer to DocumentData, and of course it's not working..:angry: Sebastian would you mind take a look? Thanks!

bc = c4d.BaseContainer()
bc.__setitem__(0, value0)
bc.__setitem__(1, value1)
setData = doc.SetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT, bc)

TypeError: an integer is required

I assume it should be a new type for bc?
Once the data has been stored to the document, I can also get the value from it.
Thank you!

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Hi @Amy, something like this should work:

toggle_bc = c4d.BaseContainer()   
toggle_bc[TOGGLE_ID] = True   
doc[PLUGIN_ID] = toggle_bc   

From this post.

Not sure what the error in your code is.

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Thank you Donovan, I could set and get the customized setting now :)

Just in case anyone have the similar need, below is the code:

store data to document

bc = c4d. BaseContainer()
bc[id] = value
doc.SetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT, bc)

access data from the document

mdata = doc.GetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT)
dataValue = mdata[id]

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Hi Amy,

That actually looks a little dangerous - you're storing a mostly empty container in the DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT slot - if anyone else is trying to store data there you'll overwrite it. It would be safer to do something like:

#Create a container to store your custom data   
plugin_bc = c4d.BaseContainer()   
plugin_bc[item_id] = value   
#Get the Document Settings BaseContainer   
doc_bc = doc.GetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT)   
doc_bc[PLUGIN_ID] = plugin_bc #Store plugin container inside of document container   
#Save the updated Document BC   
doc.SetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT, doc_bc)   
#Access data from the document   
dataValue = doc.GetDocumentData(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT)[PLUGIN_ID][ITEM_ID] #It would probably be safer to check to ensure the container is returned and your subcontainer exists before using it.   

You can get a unique plugin id here:

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Oh, good to know! Thank you very much, Donovan :slightly_smiling_face: