Fisheye Plugin

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I write for a company a circular fisheye plugin for Cinema 4d or After Effects which should help the oculus production.

I want to aks you guys, which program should I use? I am not experienced with both programs. My Background is OpenGL knowledge and I think writing a fisheye shader should be super easy. For both programs I need Direct3D, but this should not be a big thing.  So my problem will be, writing the plugin and if I get all information I need.

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welcome to the PluginCafe forum :slightly_smiling_face:

In order to properly answer your question, I think, we need to know more about the final use case.
Also at least the SDK Support team won't be able to say anything about AE. We simply don't know. So this part of your question will be left to the forum community.

In C4D you have the option to create custom lenses as VideoPost. There you have a function to create your own rays. That being said it should be made clear that this a feature at render time, which won't help creating any realtime application.

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I've developed a Fisheye and VR plugin, Blendy 360 Cam. For R13-R16, mac only (for now).