Adding graphics to a shader GUI?

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Is there any way to add graphics to a shader GUI?

I'd like to try and spruce up my plugins a bit, since I'm thinking of selling them. I'm basically looking to do two things:

  1. Add graphics inside the shader GUI (arrows, coloured bars, etc) mixed in with the usual C4D controls

  2. Add a banner (maybe 48px tall) that auto-stretches across the attributes manager at the top of the shader UI

Is there any way of doing this? These plugins don't have dialogue boxes or anything, which is probably where I'm getting confused- there's a lot of stuff out there for adding graphics to a dialogue, but not a description based GUI in the Attributes Manager.


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as discussed many times on this forum there is no dedicated GUI element for images. You have two options:

  • You can use a BitmapButton that displays an image. You find some example on how to create such a BitmapButton dynamically in the Description Object example. Searching the forum you will find many threads discussion BitmapButtons.
  • Or you can use a GeUserArea in combination with a CustomGUI and a CustomDataType. In that GeUserArea you could draw whatever you want to draw. You find some reference code in the "Dots" example.

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Hello CMPX,

was your question answered?

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Yes, sorry, been busy lately.

The examples in the SDK you pointed out were most helpful. Managed to get something simple working fairly quickly.