Better code highlighting

On 29/05/2015 at 03:13, xxxxxxxx wrote:

It would be great if we have better code highlighting in this forum. There's plenty of nice and free javascript alternatives out there. The way code is styled in

blocks now, is not very easy to read.   
This should be an easy fix.   

On 29/05/2015 at 06:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Bonsak,

we are aware of the many flaws of the forum in its current form. Still we appreciate any suggestions and add them to our requirements list. Internally we are already discussing different options. Until we come to a conclusion, we'd prefer not to invest any time in the current infrastructure.
We kindly ask for your (and everybody else's) patience. We are working on it.

On 29/05/2015 at 07:11, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Sure 🙂