On 09/12/2002 at 12:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Currently you can morph between objects that have the same number of vertices, and the morph only works well provided the points index matches up in geomtric space (i.e. morphing between a ball that's rotated 180 and the original can cause some interesting effects :P

So what about a better morphing plugin. Firstly, one that checks for teh nearest point at the beginning of the morph so that the morph happens smoothly, this i the same as intelligent morphs in 2d. This way if the sphere was rotated 180, and you morphed between itself at 0 degrees, well, you wouldnt see a change (which is what you want really, you don't wnat one side to morph through the other).

Then taking his a stage further, what if you could assign which points morph to which other points manually if you so wish... what about instead of point morphing, face morphing. This would be more sensible, and would allow for greater control.

Next what about some form of vertex map control for the speed of the morph, or even a gizmo that could move over an area and define how fast the morph happens, maybe like a cage of some sort. Anyhting so that the user could control how the morph works.

Next because we're not working wiht vertices here but with faces... what about being able to morph between objects with a different number of faces.

Using the same algorythm that decideds which is the closest face, and thus what face matches what, how's about the ability for that face to reach the nearest n' number of faces, maybe again with user control so that the user can say... this face will turn into this "leg" or whatever. one face can be linked to a group of faces, then during the morph in the first frame that one face will be broken up intelligently. ngongs will be simulated by simple detaching that face before the split, and making sure that teh edges line up perfectly with teh edges of the face that they sit on and that no one edge overlaps any vertex.

a decent morphing plugin would be worth a fair ammount to most cinema users.