Follow Position. How does it work? [CLOSED]

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Hi. I'm trying to replicate it in an app that I'm working on. The documentation is a little bit sketchy and doesn't provide the algorithm. I know that cinema 4d is using bullet physics engine, but there is no such native functionality in that engine. I implemented the bullet engine in my app and tried using springs constraints or adding inertia to the moving object, but it does not look the same.They do sort of look like the follow path, but I want to get the exact same results. I also researched lots of other physics engines, but so far no luck. Does anybody have any idea how exactly the Follow Path parameter in dynamics tag works? Thanks in advance.

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we are actually not quite sure what you mean by "Follow Path" parameter? I'm sorry. Maybe you can give me another hint, which functionality you mean?
Also I need to warn you in advance, that we are usually not allowed to disclose any Cinema 4D internals.

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Sorry. I meant follow position in dynamics body tag under force tab

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unfortunately I'm not allowed to disclose these internals. Sorry.