hide description of TextureTag on drag & drop

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Cinema 4D Version:   15+ 
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I got my MaterialData plugin, I'm trying to change how the created texture tag description should appear.

so I have one of the 2 options "any one should be ok":
1- subclass TextureTag, don't know how!! "this is the cleaner solution"
2- hide some of TextureTag description.

don't know what am I missing/doing wrong here.

			BaseMaterial* mat = static_cast<BaseMaterial*>(node);
			MaterialDragAndDrop* mdd = static_cast<MaterialDragAndDrop*>(data);
			mdd->result = mdd->op->MakeTag(Ttexture);
			BaseContainer *data = mdd->result->GetDataInstance();
			BaseContainer tm = data->GetContainer(TEXTURETAG_PROJECTION);
			mdd->result->SetParameter(TEXTURETAG_MATERIAL, mat, DESCFLAGS_SET_0);

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if I understand correctly you want to change the Description of a TextureTag? This is not possible. The texture tag alone defines how the Description it returns to the Attribute Manager looks like, nothing else can interfere with that.

Also it is not possible to create an "own" texture tag by creating a subclass of TextureTag.

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thanks Sebastian, consider this thread solved as there is no solution in this direction.