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I would really like to know when this message is sent by the AM? At what occasion does this happen?
The docs are not clear.

Thanks in advance

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As a follow-up question I would also like to know when this message is sent. I cannot trigger it at all: MSG_DESCRIPTION_POPUP


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Hi Samir,

MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETINLINEOBJECT is sent each time the Attribute/Material Manager need to update their shown objects/materials. It is sent a lot and it can be ignored in most of the cases as it's automatically handled by Cinema 4D for links and other parameters carrying objects/materials/textures links.

MSG_DESCRIPTION_POPUP should be send each time the right-click popup menu is invoked in the Attribute Manager on a parameter but I've not been able to catch it.

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Pity the popup message is not sent, it would be most helpful. Anyway, Thanks Yannik.