Shader basics [SOLVED]

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Hello all,

My end goal is to affect the color of a mograph clone (let's say greyscale values based off a clone's Y position, for simplicity's sake).  I've messed with shaders in Unity, but diving into custom shaders in a particular program for the first time is a real mind-crusher, so I'm on the hunt for some simple python shader examples to ease the passing.

Does anyone know of any open-source ShaderData plugins (or similar) I could glean from?

As always, thanks a million in advance : )

PS: I don't think this deserves its own post, so I'll ask here: what's the deal with plugincafe redirecting to the page asking for my login credentials?  I don't think I have any :' (

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actually you find a simple example shader in the Python SDK. The source code is here, the folder here.

There are currently some minor technical difficulties with but it should be fixed tomorrow.

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Hey, thanks a lot, Bach!

Oh ok, no worries (regarding the website).  I love the stormtrooper background ^^

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One more dumb question before I let this thread go: can I traverse up from the shader to the material tag/object with a ShaderData plugin?  GetMain() on a BaseShader will get the material, but I can't figure out if I can get to the current object...

Edit: Oohhh, now it makes sense--I'm just now understanding the ChannelData (cd) stuff.  I guess op doesn't work with python, so I'll only have the other VolumeData info to work with.  Guess I could just use C++ :cry:

(Mostly kidding about the crying.)