CallButton: Bitmap Animation - Calculate [SOLVED]

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I'd like to be able to call 2 built in Cinema 4D Buttons.

  1. In a bitmap shader Animation tab, the Calculate  button - frame ranges, frame rate.
  2. In a Texture tag, Camera projection, Calculate Aspect Ratio button.

I am fairly sure I know how to do this using the  c4d.CallButton() method, but I have no idea on how to find out what the ID of the button is, or exactly how I should write such code.

Also, I'd love any pointers in how I can find out other various ID's for objects and tags inside of Cinema that aren't obvious. It seems to me. the SDK doesn't cover this is great detail.

Any help would be great.

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when you write a plugin in Cinema 4D this includes the creation of header and resource files. These resource files and header files include the symbols of the GUI elements. Many elements of Cinema 4D are modules that work like plugins so you can find their resource files in the resource\modules folder of your Cinema installation. The C++ documentation includes the symbols defined in that header files.

But you can also simply drag and drop (most) parameters from the Attribute Manager into the console; then the symbol identifier will appear there. You find information on that in the Cinema 4D documentation of the Console window or in the Python documentation.

So the identifiers for the buttons you talk about are and BITMAPSHADER_CALCULATE  and TEXTURETAG_CAMERA_CALCULATE.

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Again, this is very helpful and will help answer many other questions to come I am sure!

Thanks very much Sebastian.

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It should be pointed out that the calculate button has a long-time known bug that causes it to set the fps incorrectly.

See my post here on how to do it the foolproof way: