Xpresso Node Creation (PYTHON NODE) [SOLVED]

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Simple question. I'd like to create a Python code node inside of an xpresso tag using a separate python script.

I just can't figure out what the Name of the Operator should be...Here is what one would intuitively think it would be called...

node2 = nm.CreateNode(nm.GetRoot(), c4d.ID_OPERATOR_ PYTHON , insert=None, x=200, y=200)

The above command does NOT create the node, obviously because it isn't recognised.

Any idea where I can find some documentation on all the python operators names in the xpool?

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Update: Ok so I have found this list of nodes in the documentation.


There is strangely a COFFEE node, but there does not appear to be a ID_OPERATOR_PYTHON or similar node? Am I missing something?

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the list you discovered lists all of the basic XPRESSO nodes. Additional nodes from modules like MoGraph or Dynamics are not included. Python is a module in Cinema 4D so the ID cannot be found in that list.

You can get the operator ID of any given node with GetOperatorID(). The ID of the Python operator is 1022471; there seems to be no symbol for that.

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Thank you. :)