GetChannel with custom material

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Cinema 4D Version:   R15 
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I have a custom material written using MaterialData with multiple channels, some of them can be logically mapped to channels of standard C4D material. I want to ask if it's possible to support BaseMaterial::GetChannel for such custom material?
The reason I want this is to support some C4D features, for example Displacer, in which user can set Channel directly from texture tag (and I assume this is internally implemented using GetChannel of BaseMaterial class).

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I'm afraid BaseMaterial::GetChannel() cannot be supported by external MaterialData plugins.
It can only be supported by Cinema 4D material (Mmaterial).

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thanks for answer, I was afraid it won't be possible.

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Just to be sure, it means that it is impossible to retrieve a channel or a material group (or a way to know its name and its state) from a BaseShader or a BaseMaterial?

Is it impossible to access to the same data (channel name) as the Texture Manager do?

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Basically I'm trying to know if a BaseShader is inside an enabled or a disabled material group (the name of the group would be useful too).

I can do it for Mmaterial with BaseMaterial::GetChannel, Material::GetChannelState, BaseChannel::GetShader and Material::GetAllReflectionShaders()but I can't find a way to do it for other material types (Banji, Nukei, etc, VRay materials...)