Can primitive return SplineObject info? [SOLVED]

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Hello friends,

I was curious: is it possible to return/turn a BaseObject (such as a Helix primitive) into a SplineObject without inserting it into the active document and using a CallCommand to make it editable?

Using helix.GetCache() (for example) returns a LineObject, which is helpful since that's a PointObject, but I was really hoping to use SplineObject's GetSegment() and GetTangent() functions.

I guess every time its GetDirty() changes I could clone it, insert it into the doc, make it editable, grab the info I need, then remove it, but that seems, well, wrong.  I'm only bothering to ask (I could probably get away with just point positions) because the Thinking Particles' Follow Spline preset, which uses COFFEE and calls GetSplineTangent at some point, works on a primitive.

Thanks a million.

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in this case current state to object will give you a spline object, like:
a helix with a python tag...

import c4d  
from c4d import utils  
def main() :  
  helix = op.GetObject()  
  splist = utils.SendModelingCommand(command = c4d.MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT,  
                                         list = [helix.GetClone()],  
                                         doc = doc)  
  spline = splist[0]                                         
  print spline  

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Ooohhh, that's so obvious, now--thanks monkey!  Sorry for the... dumb question :sleepy:

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you can get the spline created by a spline generator with GetRealSpline(). Please notice that the returned spline is still owned by the generator so you have to handle a copy of that spline.

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Oh cool, good to know.  Thanks guys.

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a question never can be dumb, we both learned something about GetRealSpline().
Well, thanks guys for the question and the answer !