2 python effectors communicating [SOLVED]

  • On 19/03/2015 at 11:03, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hello all,

    is it possible that 2 python effectors are exchanging data ?

    Example: the first effector will move clones while the second effector would stop them when the clones have reached the influence of the falloff of the second effector. How can I manage to signal the first effector to stop moving the clones ? I have tried to use global variables but this seems to work only inside the code of one effector. Another way would be user data, but how can I store a complete array (like the clones) as user data ?

    Would be great if anyone could give me any hint.


  • On 19/03/2015 at 11:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    You can use the R16 CallFunction to communicate ( and pass around MoData Arrays) between Effectors. check out the SDK ( modules/c4d/index.html#c4d.CallFunction )


  • On 19/03/2015 at 11:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Thanks a lot Douwe for your quick help !

    The R16 CallFunction sounds very promising ! I'm a bit confused after reading the parameter description for "op":

    op (BaseList2D) : the object to search the function within its script

    Hmm, which "object" is meant in case of effectors ?

    Maybe a little try and error will get me on the right track ...

    Thanks again for your help !

  • On 20/03/2015 at 02:59, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Jens,

    In your case op for CallFunction() is the Python effector that holds the function to call within its embedded script.

  • On 20/03/2015 at 12:45, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Yannick,

    ahh - now I get it.

    Have just tried it, works like a charm :-)

    Thanks a lot !

  • On 23/03/2015 at 01:34, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    Glad to help!
    I'll tag the topic as solved.

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