Scaling Primitives [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   14,15,16 
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I'm sorry for this basic question, but how do I scale a generated primitive.
For instance,

BaseObject *sphere= BaseObject::Alloc(Osphere);
sphere->SetParameter(DescID(PRIM_SPHERE_RAD), 100, DESCFLAGS_SET_0); //this will set the radius to 100

I want to scale the sphere with the scale tool and set the result back to the sphere radius so I can have interactive scaling, while keeping the sphere parametric.
op->GetAbsScale() always return 1,1,1. I would like to be able to catch the scale tool result and feed it to the sphere.

Any hints on how to achieve that?

N.B I am later using currentstatetoobject to access the points and manipulate them. This does not solve my problem though.

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to be honest, your question confuses me. As long as the user is in Model mode, the Scale tool seems already to behave exactly the way you request.
Maybe I'm missing something, but then you will need to go into a bit more detail on what you are trying to achieve.

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Hi Salozo,

just want to know, if my answer was sufficient?