Cinema 4D R16 Service Pack 2 API Update

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the Service Pack 2 for Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16.038) included some changes to the C++ plugin API. Plugins that are built with the Service Pack 2 API are currently still loaded by previous versions of Release 16. But in some cases the use of such plugins can cause a program crash.

A plugin is affected by the issue if it uses one of the following API functions:

  • CallCommand()
  • GetCommandName()
  • GetCommandHelp()
  • IsCommandEnabled()
  • IsCommandChecked()
  • GeIsMainThreadAndNoDrawThread()

An online update that will fix the issue has been released to update installations of Service Pack 2. It is highly recommended to apply this update and recompile any plugins. After recompiling, plugins built with Service Pack 2 will no longer be loaded by previous Cinema 4D versions.

If a plugin should work with all versions of Cinema 4D Release 16 it must be compiled with the release version or with Service Pack 1. But we strongly recommend all developers and users to update to Cinema 4D Release 16 Service Pack 2 to benefit from increased stability and bugfixes.

For any questions please use this thread or send a mail to [email protected]

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