Need Help with Intro / Trailer.. Please See Below

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In 2012 I accompanied my nephew to a veterans day memorial and to meet some of his friends that just returned from the Middle East; that day and the few days that followed changed my life. I took a one-year leave of work, now two years, and have been all over this country interviewing, researching and in short documenting some uncomfortable truths about our current state of affairs in this country. Areas of focus include Gulf War, agenda 21, our military vets and foreign policy.. This is not a conspiracy film,  the material has been thoroughly researched and documented. I've given three years of time, an $80,000 a year job because I simply couldn't ignore what was going on; others have contributed on similar levels. This is not to be sold, were not making a penny off of it, we have a digital publisher that is giving us 1000 DVD copies, silk screened and packaged. We are then giving those to Oath Keepers to deliver to Vets as they wish. I will keep 5-10 copies for my friends and family and that is what I can offer you for you time... 5-10 copies as well as credit in the film.

The film us called US and THEM, the website USTHEM.ORG is parked awaiting completion of film. I want 4D title to revel itself using an alpha channel slow waving american flag background. that's a short summary idea, if you want to contribute then we can talk more about the ideas.. Thank You... Arden   [email protected]

I realize my post is looking for more than just a plugin, but I do realize that what I'm looking for will most likely use Cinema 4D. If my post is out of general guidelines - please delete and accept my apologoies. Thank You

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Hi Arden,

welcome to the PluginCafe forums.
Unfortunately I have to inform you, that this is the wrong place for your request. In PluginCafe developers meet to discuss questions on plugin development for Cinema 4D. Request for creation of art or content will probably better asked in forum like cgsociety or alike.
Also this is no place to discuss political topics in any form, nor to raise attention on national or global problems. Sorry.
Having this said, I will close this thread and hope for your understanding.