Replacement for - GeAllocNC [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R16 
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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking through this article at the moment:

- and I'm trying to figure out how to convert some of the code so I can get some steps closer to implementing my own licensing system. I see that there are some deprecated methods/classes in the code below and would like to know what would be the current alternative.

The thing i'm looking at is:


It looks like I need to allocate some memory so I can pass a "Char \*" to the GetCString, thats the bit I can't quite figure out.

`#include "c4d_md5.h"`
`  ``// Use STRINGENCODING_UTF8 as same default encoding as Python`
`  ``LONG` `len = s.GetCStringLen(encoding);`
`  ``CHAR` `*code = (``CHAR``* ) GeAllocNC(len+1);`
`  ``if` `(!code) ``return` `NULL;`
`  ``s.GetCString(code, len+1, encoding);`
`  ``return` `code;`
`String GetMD5(``const` `String& p)`
`  ``DigestMD5 md5;`
`  ``String key;`
`  ``CHAR` `*c_str = NULL;`
`  ``CHAR` `*c_tmp = NULL;`
`  ``c_str = ConvString(p, STRINGENCODING_7BIT);`
`  ``if` `(!c_str)`
`    ``return` `String();`
`  ``c_tmp = md5.get_md5hash(c_str, (unsigned ``long``)``strlen``(str));`
`  ``if` `(!c_tmp)`
`  ``{`
`    ``GeFree(str);`
`    ``return` `String();`
`  ``}`
`  ``key = c_tmp;`
`  ``GeFree(c_str);`
`  ``GeFree(c_tmp);`
`  ``return` `key;`

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Adam,

GeAllocNC()/GeFree() have been renamed to NewMem()/DeleteMem() in R15.

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Amazing, thanks very much.