CreateExtendedRay() never called [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14+ 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;


I'm trying to create a custom lens video post, but I hit some problems.

I can't get VideoPostData::CreateExtendedRay() to be called.
I return VIDEOPOSTINFO_CUSTOMLENS_EXTENDED from VideoPostData::GetRenderInfo(), but that
doesn't seem to be all of what's necessary. I also tried adding VIDEOPOSTINFO_CUSTOMLENS in addition.

skyphyr seems to have had the same problem in this thread.

So what I was trying to do to work around this, is to use VideoPostData::CreateRay() instead and
compute the lens X and Y values using the renders resolution. But I get resolution values that do not
appear to make sense to me.

RENDERRESULT CamVideoPost::Execute(BaseVideoPost* vp, VideoPostStruct* vps) {
  /* Read the render resolution so we can use it in CreateRay(). */
  if (vps->vp == VIDEOPOSTCALL_RENDER && vps->open) {
    BaseContainer bc = vps->render->GetRenderData();
    m_width = bc.GetReal(RDATA_XRES);
    m_height = bc.GetReal(RDATA_YRES);
    m_valid = (m_width > 0.001 && m_height > 0.001);
    GePrint("Width: " + RealToString(m_width) + ", Height: " + RealToString(m_height));

This gives me "Width: 1183, Height: 764" on a scene with resolution 200x100 ??

Any hints are highly appreciated.


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Update : For #2, I seem to have messed up the output of the editor render with the output of the
Picture Viewer render. The values seem to be ok! Still, it would be nice to use CreateExtendedRay(). 🙂

On 09/03/2015 at 07:41, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Is it also possible to change the lens of the Viewport, not only of the
final rendering?

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CreateExtendedRay() only works with the Physical renderer. You have to set VIDEOPOSTINFO_CUSTOMLENS to get CreateRay() called and you have to set also VIDEOPOSTINFO_CUSTOMLENS_EXTENDED to have CreateExtendedRay() called.

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That explains it, thanks. Do you also know if it is somehow possible to preview the lens in the Viewport?

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the only way to do something similar in the viewport I can think of is using the GlDraw() method to create an equivalent GLSL fragment shader. Please notice that this functionality is not documented.

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