Set font in GeUserArea.DrawText [CLOSED]

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Is it possible to set the font size with:



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Hi terrachild,

I'd like to know what you might have tried out.  I looked in the Python SDK help and didn't find anything but the font setting calls, but I agree they offer limited options (ie setting bold, etc.).  I'm still new to Python, in particular to how it's integrated into C4D, so any additional info from you could help.

In particular, do you have any example code I could use to get started?


Joey Gaspe
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You can use a GeClipMap which has advanced options for fonts, but unfortunately there are no resources
on how to create a font description container by hand (and I was once told that it was only possible to get
a platform independent, correct font container with c4d.gui.FontDialog()).

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Hi NiklasR,

Thanks for your reply!  You confirmed what I feared: that was the only code that mentions font sizing that I could find in the Python SDK.  Going back to terrachild's original question, there is probably no way to set the font size with GeUserArea.DrawText.

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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Since it's been a few weeks without a response, I'm closing this topic as 'closed', since there's no direct solution to the question.

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