Global Position with local offset [SOLVED]

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I can`t get the solution - i try to get a global position with a offset witch is for the local position.

My try was that - can someone give me a tip - how to calc this ?

Many Thanks

fixposm = fixture[1].GetMg()
fixposoffset = c4d.utils.MatrixMove(offsetvec)
fixposm -= fixposoffset
fixpos =

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Hi conner,

I'd like to help you, but I'd need more information.  Can you please elaborate about your problem and the solution you're seeking?

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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hey Joey,

thanks for your reply

I write a function to export all position of objects to a list. To get the position I take the global position and need to calculate the position with an individual offset - which can be define in the object.

i cant add the offset to the global position - its a relativ position offset.

what is the right way to get the offset to the global position

hope . this ist understandable 
many thanks

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Hi conner,

Sorry for the delayed response.  I'm still not totally sure what you're asking, but if I did understand, I can propose the following:  Have you considered using null objects?  What you can do is create a null object, set its position, and have your objects as children of the null object, with their own positions that will be relative to the null object's.

If I translate your terms the way I understand them, the null object would contain the global position, and each object under it (the null object can have multiple children objects) will have the offset.  That way, you can keep these values separate, and the null object won't display as anything but a dot in the viewport and otherwise shouldn't interfere.

I hope that helps!

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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I'll assume since it's been over a week without a response that this thread is to be closed as solved.

Joey Gaspe
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