modeling deformer tools


On 28/11/2002 at 14:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

i would love to see the following tools. just like the deformers only as modelling tools and instant feedback, no heirarchy changes, or objects used.

taper, bend, twist.

these will do for starters, but should work in the following way (unlike the deformer modifier objects) :

select teh points/elements you want to deform, select teh tool, for instance taper.

the taper is defined by the viewport, and the axis/average centre point) then jus click and drag the everything selected is deformed (i.e. no deformer object is involved=speed up in modelling workflow). the deformation happens towards the camera in the z axis (so that the foremost elements get affected more than elements further away) maybe here can be attributes controls for which angle to teh viewport things happen in, so you could set it up to be +y or +x or -y according to teh viewport. and a great feature would be falloff based either on a range dragged out using a modifier and the mouse in a viewport (a-la lightwave) or using a pline or gradient... spline preferable. or maybe even the option for the modifiers to work with a base channel so a texture could control the modification... if this were teh case then i would also like to see a scale/rotate/move modifier that uses this falloff function, also anotehr thing that owuld be good to be able to edit i the axis that the modifier works from).

if someone were to take this whole lot on then a scale, rotate,move modifier would also be great, one that uses the maya style handles (i.e. circles instead of sticks for rotate, interactive feedback on teh handles showing angles etc, and scaleing handles that scale with teh movement, also fully combined into one tool, so taht each handle is visible on teh axis allat once... check out maya bevel... go and download the ple o see what i mean).. but giv these tools good falloff controls and they will be very much more powerful. and a great replacement fro the inbuilt move/scale/rotate tools.