CommandLine.exe and Python scripts...

On 19/02/2015 at 08:56, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello All,

I have been working on a python script in C4D which has been progressing nicely. The script is part of the document, which automatically gets executed when there is a screen update, etc. I use this script to modify colors of mats, set timeline propterties, etc, based on a file input.

This works fine when I execute it within the GUI, however, when I want to render a movie or image of that same project via the commandline:

"...\CINEMA 4D R16\Commandline.exe" -render "...\TestComp_3Dmap.c4d" -frame 0 0

I see in the commandline an error with the script:

Traceback (most recent call last) :

...(some error)...

Printing useful details like the document works fine:

doc = 4d.documents.GetFirstDocument()
print doc

<c4d.documents.BaseDocument object called '' with ID 110059 at 0x0000007F9C4FC170>

however, when I try to print the doc's objects:

objs = doc.GetObjects()
print objs


it returns with an empty list, where in the GUI it returns all the objects in the doc.

My question is, what am I doing wrong here, why does it behave differently in CommandLine vs the GUI? Perhaps I can place/start the script elsewhere to make it work?

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Since there's no gui with command line, the active document concept gets a little strained.

It sounds like you're putting stuff in a Python tag? I find I have the most success by defining doc via op.GetDocument() rather than GetActiveDocument().

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Hi Rick, the op.GetDocument() works as expected, thanks!

I'm facing a new problem with scrubbing/updating.

Changing an objects material, eg:

tag = obj.MakeTag(c4d.Ttexture)

works fine, I can see different results from commandline.

However, changing an objects animation curve doesn't update it, eg:

zcurve = obj.GetCTracks()[2].GetCurve() # GetCTracks() = [x, y, z]
    key = zcurve.GetKey(1)
    key.SetValue(zcurve, height)

The value of the key gets changed, but aren't reflected in the output.

c4d.GeSyncMessage(c4d.EVMSG_TIMECHANGED), c4d.EventAdd(), obj.Message(c4d.MSG_UPDATE), zcurve.SetKeyDirty() do not help.

I must be missing that one update message that I cant seem to find.

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After some further testing, it seems that the change of the track only gets reflected on the second frame rendered.

So the first frame has no changes, but the second frame DOES have the correct changes.

Weird that the material change is seen on the first frame output right away, but not the curve changes.

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for new questions no longer related to this thread's topic please open a new threads. Thanks.

Please also share some more information on what kind of plugin you write.

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