Meet Andreas at GDC

On 19/02/2015 at 00:57, xxxxxxxx wrote:


I'll be attending this year's GDC (March, 2nd to 6th, San Francisco).

If you ever wanted to:

  • :handshake: talk about some C4D stuff directly
  •  ask some questions (that don't fit into the forums)
  • :bulb: get rid of some suggestions you have on mind (but never dared to post in the forums)
  • :angry: complain about bad support in these forums
  • :nerd: simply would like to meet one of the faces behind PluginCafe (but don't expect much, it's an quite ordinary face)
    ... this will be your chance :hugging:.

Simply write an email to [email protected] or a PM to me directly. I will then share contact data, so we can make an appointment on GDC.

Due to some unfortunate coincidence, our service in these forums will be a bit reduced during this week. Most likely feedback times will increase slightly :astonished:.

Bye everybody,

On 13/03/2015 at 10:14, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello Andreas
And how how was it be? Will be small (tech)report about it at blog?
Or i miss it anywhere in social networks?!

On 13/03/2015 at 10:45, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Ilya,
no, you didn't miss anything in social networks. Hopefully you don't find me in any of these... maybe I'm not that kind of social guy...
Anyway, GDC was great. It's a huge gathering of nerds (and I honestly mean this in the politest way possible). The atmosphere is very relaxed and everybody seems to enjoy the time there.
I think, it's leading too far in this forum to report from every conference and talk I attended. And there are way too many talks, at all times I wished I could at least attend five. Unfortunately MoGraph cloner is not yet invented for SDK Support team members. But you'll surely find lots of infos on various newstickers, what was shown and discussed.
One thing I should perhaps mention:
MAXON and Allegorithmic presented a tech preview of a substance plugin for Cinema 4D. So there's something to look forward to.

On 13/03/2015 at 21:18, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm network(sn) hater ;) ... But anyway i tried to get info over different hubs of sn. Sorry but even Allegorithmic did not show that tech.preview... even if googleit something like keywords as maxon gdc 2015 with hash-tags... nothing info :(
Closer info only about foundry and maxon in google at upcoming SXSW -

and i'm sorry if i discuss at i try to make maxon more friendly and warm for public ;). Somewhere people say that maxon is mason-like company with own secrets.

On 14/03/2015 at 02:25, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I wouldn't say MAXON is mason-like... just a bit shy :wink:
The substance plugin was only a tech preview. It will be announced officially as soon as it's done.