changing how push Button looks

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Cinema 4D Version:   13+ 
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I'm adding a Button "DTYPE_BUTTON" in my plugin "MaterialData" using GetDDescription()
what I wanted is to change how this Button looks "controlling width and height" , only found "DESC_FITH" which is what I want for width, but what about height? any method to specify it in pixels?

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a follow up question which may be related, how to limit maximum chars in a string field "DTYPE_STRING"

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Hi Mohamed,

my experience with GetDDescription() is that if you want to control the size and positioning of anything, you're probably going to need to make your own custom gui. I've had to do this for some of my objects/elements that display in the AM. I've found GetDDescription() has very little control over sizes and positions etc.

With regards to the string character limit - maybe try polling/testing character count in the SetDParameter() function?

My meagre 2-cents!


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As WP notes, most of the nuanced or specific control of the interface is out the hands of plugin devs.  The basis for this is that the underlying system handles these specifics algorithmically based upon defaults and option criteria (sizes, positions, mins and maxs in some cases are more requests than requirements).  Either a custom gui control or use a GeUserArea and do the graphical, functional, interface coding yourself within it to accomplish something 'unique'.  You can basically do buttons as you like with bitmapbuttons and some finesse but other things will require more effort.

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I was afraid of this "and expecting it too!!" , I guess I will handle all my GUI in a custom way, thanks for clarification guys.