Creator ID - What is it? [SOLVED]

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I would really like to know what the DescLevel::creator id is.
What is a creator? Why is it there at all? What does it tell me? When should I check for it and what is the id range?

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the creator ID defines, well, the ID of the creator. The creator is the class that is responsible for the creation of that parameter.

As an example take a simple cube: the "Name" parameter is shared with all other things as this parameter is created by Tbaselist2d. The "Enabled" parameter can be found in all (generator) objects as this parameter was created by Obase. Custom parameters like "Size" are finally created by the actual object class Ocube. (Compare GetType() and IsInstanceOf()).

So if you don't do very fancy stuff with parameters or parameter descriptions you never have to handle that attribute.

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Hi Sebastian,

Ah! Thanks, that is valuable information.