Editor Mode for Children of Object Plugin

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is it possible to stop EditorMode changes in a ObjectPlugin so that the child objects of this Object don`t get effect by pressing shift+ctrl and click on the points ?


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can you elaborate a little what exactly you are working on an what the desired behavior would be? Are you talking about an ObjectData plugin? What exactly do you mean with "EditorMode changes" and "click on the points"?

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Hello Sebastian,

I hide Elements under my own Object. 
With ctrl + click you can change the visibility in the Render and editor of the hole tree 
i like to stop this behave for every element under my object

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when you create a generator that uses it's child objects and input (and therefore wants to hide them) you should set the OBJECT_INPUT flag when you register the generator.

In your GetVirtualObjects() function you can then use GetAndCheckHierarchyClone() to get a clone of the child objects, which will also hide the child objects.

child = op.GetDown()  
if child is not None:  

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hey Sebastian,

sorry It`s hard to describe precisely what i mean.

I use a function to hide and show the childs with 

i only like to hide them in the object manager and not hide them in the editor- that function work great - the only behavior i need to get ride of is the change of visiblity  with the ctrl + click

thanks !

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the editor visibility mode will be applied to the child objects when CTRL is pressed. This is handled completely inside the object manager, there is nothing that can stop or disable that.

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Ok thanks for the Information