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Cinema 4D Version:   16.038 
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I already successfully use the asset tracking system in combination with "Save with assets". All my assets get properly registered and redirected, so that they get found in the new scene.
When I use team render the assets get transferred properly to the render client using the same mechanism. But MSG_MULTI_CLEARSUGGESTEDFOLDER does not get called so my plugin object searches in the original paths which are obviously not available on the render client.
Do I have to use a different way to redirect the assets when using Team render or am I missing something else?


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Hi Burak,

What do you mean by "MSG_MULTI_CLEARSUGGESTEDFOLDER does not get called"?  Messages are sent out from C4D to your plugin, so your code must listen for them and react accordingly.  In the previous post here, I posted the code that checks for the message and reacts to it that should be in your Message() method.

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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Ah sorry Joey totally forgot about this topic. It was a side effect of the problem described in;=43856#43856. Everything is alright now. Thanks!

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Hi Satara,

Thanks for confirming this is somewhat a duplicate topic and that everything is OK.  I'll close it as solved.


Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer