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I would like to know what


is actually doing or used for? It is probably somehow flagging recursive calls to the description loading routine but when is this flag usually passed along and when is a plugin supposed to set the flag in GetDDescription() alongside DESCFLAGS_DESC_LOADED? Always? Or only in certain situations?

I would really like to understand what this flag is all about (the sdk docs describe it as private but it seems to me that this could be quite a crucial flag when dealing with inherited description types)


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Hi Samir,

That value is used in very specific cases internally.  It's when the GetDDescription() call has to call the node's GetDescription() call but doesn't want to get stuck in a recursive loop, and the function it calls breaks out of it if detected.  It's not for plugin developers to ever use, that's why it's marked private.  Please do not attempt to use it, it will probably only lead to malfunctions for your code anyway.

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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Ah I see. Thanks Joey! That covers it.

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Hi Katachi,

Thanks for letting me know, I'll close this topic as solved.

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer