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from today on you can also find the official Cinema 4D C++ SDK example project on GitHub. In the future we will use this repository to share new and updated example plugins with you. The previous repository may be removed in the future, so you should copy anything you may want to store.

The official Cinema 4D C++ SDK example project on GitHub.

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Example project? Where is the sdk itself? A readme would be a nice touch.


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There is a bit of confusion with the terms used.
Cinema 4D's C++ SDK is called "Framework" and is constituted of the header files used to do things in Cinema 4D.  What is called Cinema4DSDK is a solution containing a large set of plugin examples.

We published Cinema4DSDK on GitHub so we can keep updating them between releases.

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@Jean-Fracois Yelle : So where is this Framework consisting of the header files? Is it included in the "example" project above? How one is supposed to use it?



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If you open cinema4dsdk.sln, you will find a project called cinema.framework.

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Is this going to be updated? All the files on GitHub are 2 years old.

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Yes... to be fair for some of the files it's only one and a half years... :cry:
No nonsense, you are right, the C++ GitHub repository did not get the attention, we'd wanted and hoped it to get (you may have noticed for the Python examples it is actually a bit better). But we are working on it and are already planning an update in the not too distant future.

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Cool :thumbsup: