Render Options [SOLVED]

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I would like to create automatic setup render, with Effect (Ambient Occlusion, GI, Sketch and Toon) by Python

I have not found in the SDK documentation
Could you help me?
Thank You

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How do I create a new "My Render Setting" with Sketch and Toon?  :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are going to want to look at pvp and RenderData, this should help you out.

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as Shawn pointed out, render settings are stored with RenderData objects. You can create such an object and add it to your document. The RenderData object stores also a list of post effects; to add a post effect you have to create such an object and add it to the RenderData:

# create new render settings  
renderData = c4d.documents.RenderData()  
if renderData is None:  
renderData.SetName("My New Render Settings")  
# create S&T post effect  
stVideoPost = c4d.BaseList2D(1011015)   
if stVideoPost is not None:  
  # setup the video post  
  stVideoPost[c4d.OUTLINEMAT_LINE_OUTLINE] = True  
  # add video post to render data  
  # add render data to document  
  # make active  

The ID's of the post effects can be found in the ge_prepass.h and c4d_videopostdata.h header files; if such an ID cannot be found there you may have to create the post effect in question yourself and use above infrastructure to get the type via GetType().

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thanks to all!!! :slightly_smiling_face: