VerifyServerOnClient in Python

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I need a way to verify Team Render machines in Python. We're using random security tokens to separate TR clients into different groups for the artists to use them for DR. This means the artist has to verify the clients every time they want to use a group of clients. The size and number of groups change all the time based on availability on the farm.

In the C++ SDK there is a method called "VerifyServerOnClient()" in the NetRenderService class. There is no description but i'm guessing it's for verifying clients on the server? Does this mean that you can programmatically verify clients on the Server in C++?

If so what are the chances for this being implemented in Python?


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Hi Bonsak ,

I just wanted to let you know that I asked the development team but I got no answer yet.
I'm afraid this may be a limitation of the current Team Render Python API and there may be no workaround for it.

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Ok. Thanks Yannick.
Let me know if you hear from them.


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Hi Bonsak,

It's currently only possible to verify Team Render machines in C++ with NetRenderService::VerifyServerOnClient().
Python support will be added in the near future.

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Thats great!
Thanks for following up on this.