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Cinema 4D Version:   16 
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I just make my first steps in c++ - usually i use python.

I try to create a PrefsDialogObject with buttons - where can i get the click and run some code ?


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There's an example in the C++ docs under "PrefsDialogObject".
Have you looked at that one?


Hmm. I just took a look at the online R16 docs and it doesn't seem to be there anymore.
There is a pretty full example in the R14 C++ docs though.

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PrefsDialogObject is based on NodeData. So to find ouf if a button was pressed you have to implement NodeData::Message and check for the MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND message. The data is a DescriptionCommand object which contains the ID of the pressed button.

virtual Bool Message(GeListNode* node, Int32 type, void* data)  
     DescriptionCommand* dc = (DescriptionCommand* ) data;  
         const Int ID = dc->id[0].id;  
         if(ID == MY_BUTTON)  
             GePrint("button pressed");  
 return SUPER::Message(node,type,data);  

We are currently working on the R16 documentaiton so missing parts will be added.

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Thanks 🙂 work