force triangles of RayPolygon

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I need to process a RayObject RayPolygon* in 1 go, so I need to make sure that it contains only triangles!! , quads are BAD and undesirable, how to do this?

the problem is in 2 things:
1- quad can be split into 2 ways....
2- it makes the whole process much slower due to check polygon by polygon for its c,d points "to detect if it is a triangle or not" .

the plugin is a VideoPost plugin, the data is for a render engine

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Why not just do a Triangulate() call before you start your processing either on the original or a clone of the Polygon object.  Then RayPolygon* should be triangulated  by default.

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Hi Robert,

it is kinda difficult this way, I use RayObjects to avoid interacting with the Document itself, so I don't have to handle particle systems, MoGraph, or HyperNurbs "which Quadify the triangles!!!"

was asking if there is any message or an easy way to force triangles when generating RayObjects

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the polygon data of a RayObject links to the polygon data of the original PolygonObject. So no triangles can be forced.

A little bit faster way to get the state of the polygon is to use GetRayPolyState().

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thanks Sebastian