menuitem with with icon [SOLVED]

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is there a way to get a menu item with an icon like self.MenuAddString(41, "name") so it can be checked and unchecked ?


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actually you are not talking about an icon, but you want to change the state of the menu entry (toggle between checked and unchecked).
You can do this with MenuInitString(id, enabled, value). This can also be used to en-/disable a menu entry.
See the docs here: Python SDK: GeDialog - MenuInitString

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I like to add a image to that type of menu item - possible ?

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Well, yes and no. Wink
I don't think there's a way to add an icon to a menu entry you install via MenuAddString().
But what you can do is to implement your commands as CommandData plugin and then use MenuAddCommand(). In this way the menu entry will get the command's icon.

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This thread has an example of toggling between two images on a menu instead of using a check mark:


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great solution !