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Cinema 4D Version:   R16 
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Hello all,

How can we make the text in a tool tip 'bold' like in all other tooltips in cinema4d?

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I suppose you are talking about BitmapButtons?
In your .str please try the following:
I hope, you'll see "Text 1" formatted bold.

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Can someone please post an example of using the tool tip option using the .res &.str files?
I can't find a single example anywhere. And this is not working for me using the .res file:

  BUTTON;                //Sets it as a button type action: bc.SetBool(BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON, true);  
  TOOLTIP Hello;         //<---Does not work!!  

Here is an example of how to do it dynamically within the plugin's .cpp file.
But I'm missing an example using the .res & .str files.

Bool MyTool::GetDDescription(BaseDocument* doc, BaseContainer& data, Description* description, DESCFLAGS_DESC& flags)  
  //First we have to create a group for the gizmo to sit inside of  
  DescID gid = DescLevel(MY_GROUP, DTYPE_GROUP, 0);  
   BaseContainer maingroupBc = GetCustomDataTypeDefault(DTYPE_GROUP);  
  maingroupBc.SetString(DESC_NAME, "My Tab");  //The name of the group(AM tab)  
  maingroupBc.SetLong(DESC_COLUMNS, 2);  
  maingroupBc.SetReal(DESC_DEFAULT, 1);        //Makes this group(AM tab) selected by default  
  if(!description->SetParameter(gid, maingroupBc, DescLevel(0))) return TRUE;  
   //Then we create the kind of gimzo we want to dynamically add  
   DescID did2 = DescLevel( MY_IMGBTN, DTYPE_BUTTON, 0);  
   BaseContainer settings2;  
   settings2.SetString(DESC_NAME, "My Button");  
   settings2.SetBool(BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON, true);  
   settings2.SetLong(DESC_GUIOPEN, true);  
   settings2.SetBool(BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON, true);  
   settings2.SetBool(BITMAPBUTTON_TOGGLE, true);  
   settings2.SetString(BITMAPBUTTON_TOOLTIP, "Click Me!");  
   settings2.SetLong(BITMAPBUTTON_ICONID1, Ocube);  
   settings2.SetLong(BITMAPBUTTON_ICONID2, Osphere);  
   if (!description->SetParameter(did2,settings2,DescLevel(MY_GROUP))) return false;  
   return SUPER::GetDDescription(doc, data, description, flags);  


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Well you'd need a resource symbol called "Hello" for this to work.

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Here are examples on how to have a bitmap button with tooltip (same in dialog and description resources) :

  ICONID1 300000255;

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Yeah. I tried that. But the usual stuff isn't working for me.
This is for a bitmap button in a ToolData plugin. And when I hover the mouse over the button it doesn't display the text.
If I create the bitmap button dynamically it works fine. But not using .res & .str files.

//The .res file  
CONTAINER mytool  
  //NAME mytool;  
  //INCLUDE ToolBase;  //This creates the Apply, New Tranform, Reset Values buttons gui  
  BUTTON;                //Sets it as a button type action: bc.SetBool(BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON, true);  
//The .h file  
#ifndef _mytool_H_  
#define _mytool_H_  
  MY_BMP_BUTTON = 1111,  
  T_TIP         = 1112,  
//The .str file  
  mytool          "ToolData Example";  
  MY_BMP_BUTTON       "My BTN";  
  T_TIP               "hello";  


I just tried it again in a tag plugin. And getting nothing in that one too.
Aside from setting up the .res, .h and .str files. Do we need to write any code in the .cpp file to make this work?

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No, I tried it here and it simply worked. No code needed. Perhaps double check your IDs.

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OK thanks.
It turns out that this is a bug in R13.
Maxon must have fixed it in the later versions.


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Ok, thanks for the info. Indeed I tested with R14 and R15...

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I am new to cinema 4d so i was not able to understand the above description.
This is my code. Can you tell me how to do it here.

bc = c4d.BaseContainer()                                 
 bc.SetInt32(c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_BORDER, c4d.BORDER_ROUND)       
 bc.SetInt32(c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_ICONID1, CUST_ICON_ID)        
 bc.SetString(c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_TOOLTIP, "I am a tool tip")
 self.myBitButton=self.AddCustomGui(MY_BITMAP_BUTTON, c4d.CUSTOMGUI_BITMAPBUTTON, "My  Button", c4d.BFH_CENTER | c4d.BFV_CENTER, 50, 20, bc)


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the stuff I posted was to be inserted into a resource file (.res). ScottA's code posted above is for a dynamic description. You seem to look for a dialog solution?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide step by step introductions. But I'm pretty sure, the links will get you going.

Regarding your question: Unfortunately you do not say, in which context your posted code is called. This makes it nearly impossible to say, what goes wrong. One thing I'm missing is:

bc.SetBool(c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON, true);

I suggest to read the SDK docs on SDK Docs R15 - User Interface first in order to get a basic understanding.
Then you should take a look at the cinema4dsdk examples and the resources for starting plugin development in this sticky post: C++ plugin tutorial resources

Oh, and please use the "Edit post" function (under Post Options on every post in the top right corner) to avoid double postings.