plugin licensing on multi-license server [SOLVED]

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I recently changed my license management to using the serial hook. Now I'm not sure, where the user has to enter the plugin serial key. Are the plugin serials attached to the license server managment or do they have to be entered on each client machine?

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Multi-license server plugin serials are attached to the license server.  No plugin serial should be entered into Cinema 4D if it is part of the server.  Also be aware of the serial number difference you will need to make between the two.  There is a full thread discussing the formation of the license server serial number.

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there's a five article series on our C4D Programming blog. Part II deals with server licenses.
Plus this thread here in PluginCafe: License Server & SNHookClass

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Thank you. I really don't understand what the search on this site does. I tried "license server", "license" and even "server" without any result. Now, this thread is displayed. Sometimes I get better results here via Google!

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Hi Klaus,
to be honest, you are not alone 😢
I haven't found the thread either with my search. That's why I posted the links. It was not to insult you, but to get you to the information.
We know about the quirks of the current forum, unfortunately it takes time to come up with solutions. I can only apologize and ask for your patience.

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Well, for once the default of the search is always set to only look for threads within the last 6 months!

I always have to set it to Any Date manually. This could prevent finding older threads as you would assume it would find any old thread by default.

Can't you change this default settings for the search?

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Good point! I'll see...

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Hi Klaus and Katachi,
just wanted to let you know, the defaults for search have been changed. By default "any date" will be searched.