Material UVW Access

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Is it possible to obtain the uvw from a material?

I am trying to correct a bug with Vray where a Displacer modifier is using a texture tag to obtain the displacement information. I have noticed that Vray cannot recognize the Displacer in that mode but works fine with a custom shader but uses the uvw tag as placement. The material is in flat mode so the uvw's are dynamically changing. The solution I have now is taking the global points of the mesh and converting them to uvw coordinates and updating the tag. This is incredibly slow hand hard to keep updated correctly during render time.

Does anybody have a solution for getting the UV's created by a texture tag?

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the texture tag does not create UV coordinates. It's just a hint for the render engine which projection it should use while rendering the object. The UV coordinates based on the different projection types are not stored but created on the fly.

In the C++ SDK you can use ProjectPoint() to create UV coordinates for a given texture and point. However this function is not included in the Python SDK.

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