GetDDescription() is not called in VideoPostData

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Cinema 4D Version:   13+ 
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as the title says, I couldn't figure out how to get GetDDescription() to be called in my VideoPostData plugin, I searched the forums but most of the topics are about object/tag plugins

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GetDDescription should be called for an active video post effect. Do you work on a simple post effect or a renderer? Do you define parameters in a resource file and are these parameters displayed correctly?

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I'm working on a renderer "but the same problem happens in the video post effect" , and I wanna do ALL parameters in the GetDDescription() function "even the static ones" , the plugin inits correctly, and I display name using:
RegisterVideoPostPlugin(MY_PL_ID, String("my renderer name"),  PLUGINFLAG_VIDEOPOST_ISRENDERER, MyPluginVP::Alloc, "", 0, 0);

it displays the name in the renderer drop down list, but with an empty description "the function is not called at all, I tested it with GePrint()"

edit: all parameters are created as enum inside the .cpp file, and should be used in the GetDDescription() according to this, there is no .res file or .str file or .h file "the whole folder is not created, tell me if this would make a problem and a work around for this"

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you have to create a default resource file. Simply define an empty ID_VIDEOPOSTPROPERTIES group and use GetDDescription to add your parameters.

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thanks a lot Smile, so I see it needs a minimum of "empty" .res file containing the NAME, I didn't need ID_VIDEOPOSTPROPERTIES here though, thanks again for the help