draw text? [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   r14 
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is there a function to draw text into the editor window? like there is DrawLine and those functions. I want to show some string next to a handle.. which function should i look at?


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you can use the class GeClipMap to draw into a BaseBitmap. GeClipMap offers the function TextAt() that allows you to draw a text at a certain position.

When you filled that bitmap you can draw it in the viewport using BaseDraw's DrawTexture() function.

You find a nice article about this on the C4D Programming blog.

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thank you. i'll check that. a first glance at the functions needed leaves me with a questionmark if it is worth all that... seems quite complex to me. is there a way to access the hud functionality for this kind of things?

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Hi ello,
Sebastian is absolutely right. The HUD is realized exactly in this way, with GeClipMap.
And you shouldn't fear. It's not really more complex than BaseBitmap. In fact not too long ago, I reworked one of my private plugins to use GeClipMap instead of BaseBitmap (for the exact same reason, I wanted to draw text into the viewport). Give it a try, it's mainly a matter of replacing BaseBitmap with GeClipMap. Some small adjustments may be needed, but it's not difficult, trust me.

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thanks for the headups. i'll try it out. would it be better to use one big texture for all text elements, or a bunch of smaller ones, each text gets one of these?

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Depends... basically on the number and ratio of used and unused viewport area. I'd start with multiple small ones first.

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... came along this site: http://c4dprogramming.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/drawing-text-in-the-viewport/

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I also have a working example of drawing text on my plugin site called "DrawTextTag".
It contains a very simple little workaround trick that I discovered that fixes the OpenGL drawing problem when drawing things to the screen. Without needing to use a full blown sceenhook to fix it.



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thank you for that