Accessing Menu Items Dialogs [SOLVED]

On 28/10/2014 at 14:47, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I've been messing with scripts, but not so much plugins.. so this is where I am a tad confused.

How would I access a menu item's dialog?

I would like to access Mesh->Commands->Reset Scale options dialog.
Now I would not necessarily need to open said dialog, just make sure certain things are checked.
A macro, if you will.

I've located the properties of the dialog in   resource\res\dialogs\r_resetaxis.res

However, I have no idea how to use that to execute it those commands.

Any ideas?

On 29/10/2014 at 02:37, xxxxxxxx wrote:


you cannot edit this dialog or set it's values. But you can execute a special modeling command using SendModelingCommand():

  settings = c4d.BaseContainer()                   
  settings[c4d.MDATA_RESETSYSTEM_RECURSIVE] = True       
  utils.SendModelingCommand(command = c4d.MCOMMAND_RESETSYSTEM,  
                              list = [op],  
                              bc = settings,  
                              doc = doc)  

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On 29/10/2014 at 11:22, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thank you so much for your quick response!

So that format can be applied to any dialog box, correct? ( Well, any command listed in the SDK )
If this is the case, you have just opened up a world of options for me!

This is going to be fantastic!

On 30/10/2014 at 02:32, xxxxxxxx wrote:


SendModellingCommand has nothing to do with dialogs. It simply calls a command with the given settings (these settings are typically presented in a dialog but this function may not necessarily interfere with that).

You can use CallCommand to execute every command that is registered in Cinema (also plugin commands).

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