Multi shader ideas ?

  • On 27/10/2014 at 10:35, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    I'm wondering is it possible to mimic the cloner / multi shader capability purely through python, without having to create all the cloners / shaders you would normally need.

    For example - say I create 100 cubes, and want them all to share the same 'shiny plastic material' - but I want each individual cube to be uniquely coloured.
    Is there a way I can get the material to look at an attribute in the cube (maybe stored in a tag) to pick up the basic diffuse colour and pass on to the material ?


  • On 28/10/2014 at 06:15, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    it seems that the Python-version of BaseVolumeData does not include a reference to the current RayObject. So it may not be possible to know which object is currently rendered.

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  • On 28/10/2014 at 09:17, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Ok thanks for the help, not the end of the world..

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