Best way to represent a checklist?

On 23/10/2014 at 06:06, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm trying to develope a plugin that requires a "checklist" of sorts. Basically, you drag in objects that you want the plugin to work with, but then I need to provide feedback about three possible things on a per object basis.

Originally I thought about using an in/exclude list with three flags designating the states that I need to convey- theoretically, while the InExcludeData class has no SetFlag() method, I could probably abuse InsertObject() to set the default flags instead. However, this seems like a really messy solution.

Then, I figured I could just split the in/exclude list up into 10 different link fields (since there should never be more then 10 objects assigned), and use group layouts with boolean widgets and custom images to fake three status columns after the object links- but this too feels somewhat messy.

How would you guys recommend I achieve this? It is somewhat imperative that I be able to inform the user of these states, since they designate "things that can go wrong" and therefore prevent the plugin from operating correctly (or at all). I'm just not sure how to do this graphically, if it's even possible without abusing InExcludeData or Boolean widgets.


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you can define the default flag settings for an InExclude List in the parameter's description using INIT_STATE:

          NUM_FLAGS 3;  
          INIT_STATE 5;  // turn on flags 1 and 3  
          IMAGE_01_ON 300000131;  
          IMAGE_02_ON 300000131;  
          IMAGE_03_ON 300000131;  
          IMAGE_01_OFF 300000130;  
          IMAGE_02_OFF 300000130;  
          IMAGE_03_OFF 300000130;  
          ACCEPT { Obase; };  

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