Python Editor for MAC

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Does anyone here develop plugins on a MAC?
I'm wondering which editor best to use, and how to create *.pyp, *.pype, *.res and *.str files.

If I make a new file in Xcode and save it as a *.py (*.pyp doesn't work) it's a python source file, but I need an Xcode Document file.
In TextEditor it is even worse. If I save a file with *.pyp, it still gets the *.txt extension after it.

Any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance

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I prefer Sublime Text 3

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Thanks Niklas! That does the deed :) Now i'm finally able to make my plugin structures (or at least the bigger part) by myself.

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Speaking of Sublime. (sorry for the thread highjack) Would it be possible to make a Build tool in Sublime to run Script/Plugins inside C4D? I found a solution for running js scripts in After Effects from Sublime but i have no idea how to do this with c4d.


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Check out this plugin. :)

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That is great!