Introducing the new SDK Support Team

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Hello all,

Tomorrow, October 1st, we will have 3 new developers joining our budding SDK support team.

The 3 new additions are : Sebastian Bach, Andreas Block and Joey Gaspe.
That will make 5 persons on the team including Yannick and myself.
Sebastian is an already skilled C4D plugin developer, Andreas his an experimented developer , Joey comes worked on 3ds Max team and has good experience in 3D software development.

Our goal is to make your C4D plugin development as easy as possible.
This starts with added presence on this Q&A forum.

A new plugin café website is due next month. SDK documentation will be updated shortly.
The forum will be revisited in an upcoming phase.

Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for liftoff.

Jean-Francois Yelle
SDK Support Manager,

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If there was a like button I would click on it. Will take this open minded...

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Fantastic news! I'm glad to hear that the SDK is getting some much deserved resources. I can't wait for the new plugincafe & updated docs.

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Amazing - well done JFY/Maxon!

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Very exciting

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Hi everyone,  
I really appreciate to get such a warm welcome here.
Perhaps I should introduce myself a bit:
I have been playing around with C4D on an on and off basis since Amiga times in my spare time. But instead of going in that direction, I studied electrical engineering and ended up working in industry automation for way over ten years. My main fields were driver development (mostly Linux, but I came by a bunch of other systems such as VxWorks and QNX as well) and VHDL programming for FPGAs.

And now I finally became a member of the MAXON family and am part of the new SDK support team. I know, we have a pretty knowing community here, with some members striving through this forum for years. And although I do have some experience in C4D plugin development, I'm pretty sure, it will take me a while, until I will be able to compete with the "elders" here on the forum. So please be patient with me, while I'm trying to get up to speed. Jean-Francois has some pretty nice ideas for the SDK support, I'm sure there are things to look forward to for everybody. I know, many of you felt (and probably were) a little left alone. Even if I can't make up for this today, I want to promise, that I will do my best, to build up the needed knowledge as fast as I can.
I hope we'll have good and fun times together,
best regards,

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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to be joining Maxon to work on the new Cinema 4D SDK support team.  I have over seven years of experience working on 3ds Max, from installer / patch / release development, to integrating various corporate standard components such as licensing, RealDWG, etc., to modernizing its localization functionality with the implementation of the MLD feature.  I also worked on various other features, mostly of a broad and/or 'core' nature.  It was my first job out of school, and followed my last two co-op work terms at Autodesk, both on 3ds Max.

If we go further back, I've been using PCs since I was young, for over 25 years, so I do remember DOS, EGA graphics, the first Sound Blaster sound card (which I kept), a time when a mouse was strictly optional, and real 3D graphics were only possible on expensive, esoteric computers. :) We've certainly come a long way in 3D graphics and multimedia content creation in general!

I hope I can, along with the rest of the new team, liftoff as Jean-Francois envisions and provide you with the best possible SDK support in Cinema 4D!

Thank you,

Joey Gaspe

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you may have seen me trying to help on some questions already in the last weeks :slightly_smiling_face: I have a background in media production with focus on 3D graphics and programming and worked on several commercial Cinema 4D and 3ds Max plugins in the last few years. Also I was QC tester for Cinema 4D for the last three and a half years so I'm happy to help you in any stage of the creation of your plugins.

best wishes,

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Thanks to Maxon and  new SDK team!