How disable animation for just one object

On 25/09/2014 at 06:15, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I want to disable the animation for just one object.
I tried following, but it is not working.

    firstCTrack = obj.GetFirstCTrack()  
    print "firstCTrack: ",    firstCTrack  #get object
    if firstCTrack:
        parentCTrack = firstCTrack.GetMain() 
        print "parentCTrack: ", parentCTrack
        parentCTrack.ChangeNBit(c4d.NBIT_NOANIM, c4d.NBITCONTROL_SET) 

On 25/09/2014 at 06:33, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Iterate through all tracks you want to disable using this procedure:

track = obj.GetFirstCTrack()  
track[c4d.ID_CTRACK_ANIMOFF] = False

#this returns the object where the track belongs to, this is not needed
parentCTrack = firstCTrack.GetMain()

On 25/09/2014 at 15:27, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Great, thank you.