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Cinema 4D Version:   R15 
Platform:      Mac OSX  ; 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hi everyone,

I'm working on an internal C++ plugin that creates a cat4d file from a cvs file. To achieve this I am using the SDKBrowser class from lib_browser.h.

As I cannot find any example of how to work with SDKBrowser, I started knocking up simple code that walks an existing catalog structure. SDKBrowser::GetPresetAnnotation() works great to read an annotation, but I cannot seem to set an annotation using SDKBrowser::SetPresetAnnotation().

        String annotation;
        if (SDKBrowser::GetPresetAnnotation(db_index, url, annotation)) {
            GePrint("GetPresetAnnotation: " \+ annotation); // This works
        if (SDKBrowser::SetPresetAnnotation(db_index, url, String("test annotation"))) { // SetPresetAnnotation always fails!
            SDKBrowser::GetPresetAnnotation(db_index, url, annotation);
            GePrint("SetPresetAnnotation: " \+ annotation);

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Julien,

I'd like to help you with the issue you're experiencing with SDKBrowser::SetPresetAnnotation().  However, I need a more elaborate chunk of code from you, as I don't have enough basic information with your code snippet.  I'd especially like to see how you define and set the parameters, db_index and url, since you are having issues with one or both of them indirectly.

Please provide as much code as you can so that I can reproduce its functionality on my end quickly.  I'm new to C4D, so not much is obvious to me in the C4D plugin coding context yet.

I'd also like to know if you are experiencing the same issue with GetPresetName()/ SetPresetName().  That is, does GetPresetName() work but SetPresetName() fail?



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Since it's been almost a month, and yet no reply from Julien / jrigal (and no other postings before or since from him), I will close this topic as solved and only come back to it if notified of a new posting.

Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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Hi Joey,

sorry for not coming back to you with more details about this problem. It has not been resolved but I wanted to check with R16 before posting here again.


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Hi Julien,

In that case, I'll remove the [SOLVED] tag to the title.  Come back to us when you can with more details or if you do resolve it on your own, sharing your solution would be welcomed!  Don't forget, we're here to help.


Joey Gaspe
SDK Support Engineer

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Here is a complete R13 example that creates a custom preset and adds the selected object to it.
It also writes annotation notes in the object's Info tab.

Bool SimplePlugin::Execute(BaseDocument *doc)  
  //The object that we will save to a new preset library  
  BaseObject *obj = doc->GetActiveObject();  
  if(!obj) return FALSE;   
  //The name for the new preset  
  String presetName = "MyPreset";  
  //The path to the library/browser folder in AppData  
  Filename cbPath = GeGetC4DPath(C4D_PATH_LIBRARY_USER);  
  if (!cbPath.Content()) return SDKBrowser::InvalidPresetDb;  
  //The full path to the new preset  
  String fullPath = cbPath.GetString() + "//browser//" + presetName;  
  //The path to the new preset(needed for the RegisterPresetLibrary() function next)  
  String dbUrl = "preset://" + presetName;  
  //We have to register the new preset using RegisterPresetLibrary()  
  //If we don't register it. The preset will disappear when we close C4D   
  LONG dbIndex = SDKBrowser::RegisterPresetLibrary(dbUrl, presetName, fullPath);  
  //Create a URL type variable using the location of the newly created preset  
  SDKBrowserURL url(String("preset://MyPresets/MyObject"));  
  //Get the database index for the newly created preset  
  LONG index = SDKBrowser::GetDbIndex(String("preset://MyPresets"));  
  //Add the object to the preset library  
  SDKBrowser::CreatePresetNode(index, url, CBPluginTypeObjectPreset);  
  SDKBrowser::SavePresetObject(url, obj);  
  //The preset folder is always index #0  
  //The first item added to this folder is index #1 ... and so on   
  String annotation = "First Object's Annotion Notes";  
  SDKBrowser::SetPresetAnnotation(1, url, annotation);  
  if(SDKBrowser::GetPresetAnnotation(1, url, annotation))   
      GePrint("GetPresetAnnotation: " + annotation);  
  return TRUE;  


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First of all, thank you for your code ScottA!

I had a closer look at what I was doing, and I think I found the error.
I was working on Catalog items (cat4d, which I failed to mention in my first post). When I use the same code on Preset items (as per Scott's code), everything ist fine.

Does this mean Catalog items cannot be edited by the SDK?

On 05/11/2014 at 17:31, xxxxxxxx wrote:

We can't even search through the factory presets. So it wouldn't surprise me if we can't add, subtract, or edit things in them too.

I posted all of my notes about the CB in this thread:

Yannick taught me how to use them. So he's the guy that would probably know for sure.
But I don't know how you'd contact him anymore.